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In the ever changing world of manufacturing, focusing on product quality is the key to our success. Diversification of the products being manufactured with an emphasis on delivery has always been in the forefront. This demands that the manufacturing process be efficient and streamlined, from the processing of raw materials to the transportation of finished goods.

Utilizing a vertically integrated manufacturing processes, Taylor Machine Works, inc. strives to manufacture the best lift truck with the lowest operating cost and the highest resale value in the industry.

Through Taylor Logistics, this vertical integration process allows us to oversee and manage different parts of production from raw materials to manufacturing and assembly of parts and components and transporting those components and inventory to the production lines ready for manufacturing the whole product. We also manage our freight costs and transportation costs through the whole process from raw materials to shipment of the finished products.

Because of this attention to Quality and the need for commitment to the Logistics of manufacturing, our Engineering group focuses on the customer’s needs. We listen to the industries we serve in the steel mills, concrete yards, wood mills, and port operations around the world. Because we manufacture the majority of the essential components for our lift trucks, we are able to respond to our customers changing needs with better attention to quality.

Taylor Logistics, LLC®

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